We keep fans engaged by making every play count.
Using machine learning and real-time technology, we create more chances than ever before for sports fans to get in on the action. Your players call the shots.
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We turn sports fans into players.
Get the edge in acquiring and engaging customers at scale. We work with the leading betting and media companies with our suite of bespoke and turn-key customer-centric product solutions.
We’ve got you covered. Every sport. Every league.
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Why are leading brands working with PickFans?
Our team of product innovators, data scientists, developers and industry experts bring new markets and product possibilities to sportsbooks.

We deliver on product innovation and engagement quickly, eliminating the challenges of building and operating your own solution in house.
We accelerate engagement through technology.
PickFans has a large array of free-to-play prediction games that can be customised for your unique needs.
Real-Time & In-Play
Bettors expect to be able gamble on every bucket, every snap and every pitch. PickFans provides real-time micro markets to fill this unique need.
We can price every pitch, every snap and every bucket. We provide real money micro markets that you can't no find anywhere else.
Global Coverage
Every kick, every goal, every gank, we cover all sports and all leagues across the world. PickFans has offices in both the US and Australia and staff across the world.
PickFans covers every aspect of the pre-match experience. We provide unique markets that bettors want to bet on, as well as widgets to help bettors make decisions.
White-Label Products
We can provide unique white label solutions for sportsbooks to help both acquire and to engage their customers. Solutions can be provided in as little time as a month.
Scalable & Reliable
PickFans platform is built on scalable technologies. Our solutions are 100% hosted on the cloud.
Bespoke Solutions
We understand that your goals are unique. PickFans can craft custom solutions to meet needs.
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We turn sports fans into players.

Working with the world’s leading sports betting and media companies, we help them engage, acquire and retain better through new product possibilities driven by machine learning.

Our team of data scientists, developers and industry experts turn every play, of every game into a betting or engagement opportunity.

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